Top 3 Ways to Boost Creativity

Writer's block is frustrating but can be easily overcome

Have you ever been in a creative slump?  Writers, of course, call this writer’s block.  But painters and artists of all kinds can find themselves in a creative void.   How many times have you stood in front of a blank white canvas and not been able to get started?  Trust me, it happens to everyone.

As an artist I am always looking for ways to keep my creativity flowing.  And over the years I have figured out some sure-fire ways to keep the creative side of my brain fully activated.  So even if I find myself in a down time with few ideas, my work still progresses forward.  Here are my top 3 ways to get your creative side flowing again:

#1. Take Some Time Out for Yourself

If you have a hectic schedule and many time commitments, this could be zapping your creative side.  You need to take some time for yourself.  Solitude, in the right measure, can help balance your life in general.  And solitude works wonders for your creativity.

If you have a family and a hectic home life, try getting up an hour or two earlier than everyone else.  Make yourself your favorite morning beverage (for me it’s a cup of hot green tea) and sit in your easy chair and just watch the sun come up.  Don’t try to push or force yourself to do anything at first.  Just enjoy your time alone, because this by itself will work miracles.  Allow your imagination to run free with no constraints.  This is your time to daydream.  Allow yourself any daydream that you like, and the bigger the better.  Bring out your highest hopes and deepest wishes from the deepest parts of your heart. 

#2. Take A Long Walk

I’m not talking about walking for physical exercise here.  If you are a fitness buff, do your exercises separate from your walk for your creative health.  When you are walking for your creative health, you want to focus on entirely different rules than for physical health.  Your creative walk should be planned to inspire you and slow you down.  Try for a long stroll through a gardens or by a lake.  You can take a partner if you like, or go it alone for more solitude and daydreaming time.  If you live by the ocean, I have found that for me personally walking on the beach is the best.  There is nothing more soothing and calming than the sound of surf and seagulls. There is something about the water that seems to touch my very soul.

But even if you live in the city like me, you can still find an abundance of places to walk and be inspired.  There are usually many beautiful parks and walkways in an urban setting.  And try walking early in the morning when the sun is coming up.  The city is usually still sound asleep and it can be very peaceful on the early morning sidewalks.

#3.  Fill Your Mind With Many Ideas and  Images 

As artists, we should be aware of what other artists are doing.  When we see other artists following their heart and producing beautiful works of art, it will inspire us to do the same.   The best way to do this is to subscribe to the big art magazines like Art in America, Art Forum or any others you may like. 

The main idea here is just to fill your mind with as many ideas and as much imagery as possible. Don’t try to analyze what their work is all about.  Don’t try to study the works in a technical way.  Just look at the pictures and let the beauty of the imagery take you away.  Look at as many as you can.  Go to the library and go through the back issues of these magazine if you can’t afford to subscribe to them.  Or visit the sites online.

Visit as many gallery openings as possible.  Go to your local art museums and just enjoy the day looking.


About Gary Bolyer Fine Art

I am a New York City-based landscape artist.
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