Don’t Be Fickle. Don’t Change Directions

America is facing some of its greatest challenges ever.  The America that we have today is much different from the America that I knew as a boy.

I think that one of the biggest problems facing Americans today is that we’ve become a very fickle people.  If the wind blows this way, we go this way.  If the wind blows that way, we go that way.  Don’t be fickle. Don’t change directions.

If someone comes to me and suggests that I go with them to Brooklyn to start a restaurant, it may be very tempting.  It may be very alluring to go into the restaurant business with my friends.

But I have to tell them that I can’t go with them because it is not my direction.  I am a New York City artist. This is my direction.

It is very important for you to realize that once you set out on your direction that you will encounter all kinds of entanglements.  Things may not go very well for you for a very long time. 

There may be times when life starts pushing you around and you may be tempted to give up and retreat. It may cause you to second-guess your convictions.  And then things may suddenly change and get better.  So life as a whole is very hard to judge.

This is just the way it is for everyone.

I am not a very smart man.  I was not blessed with very many natural abilities, gifts, or talents.  What takes others only 3 years to complete takes me 5 or even 7 years.

But slowly, after many setbacks, disappointments, failures, I begin to make progress.  Slowly, slowly, I have accomplished many things.

Don’t be fickle.  Don’t change directions.


About Gary Bolyer Fine Art

I am a New York City-based landscape artist.
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3 Responses to Don’t Be Fickle. Don’t Change Directions

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  2. Carla Stein says:

    Thanks, Gary. This is a good reminder about the hard work and time that goes into making our inspirations become reality.

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