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How Small Steady Actions Move Us Forward to Our Artistic Goals

“Do not be afraid of moving slowly.  Be only afraid of standing still.”                                – Chinese Proverb Have you ever thought about the importance of the small, steady actions you take every day in your artistic journey? You can’t … Continue reading

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Going Through: Surviving the Swamplands of the Artistic Journey

“Truth is always on the side of the more difficult.” – Friedrich Nietzche Not too far from the small town where I grew up in northwest Louisiana, there is a long stretch of swamplands called, graphically enough, “Black Lake Swamp.” … Continue reading

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Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor: Understanding Pigments

Are you a watercolor artist looking to improve your technique?  Would you like to better understand watercolor pigments and glazing methods? Then you will certainly enjoy this guest blog by watercolor expert Dr. Don Rankin.  He is author of Mastering … Continue reading

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What Can an Artist Learn from Watching the Evolution of My Blog?

“Do not be afraid of moving slowly. Be only afraid of standing still.”  – Chinese Proverb Have you been thinking about starting a blog or website to showcase your art, but have been holding off for financial or technical reasons? … Continue reading

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5 Creative Ways to Share Your Art on Pinterest

Are you looking for creative ideas to drive Pinterest traffic to your site? Pinterest is a mainly a visual showcase, which makes it perfect for artists.  And if you’re wondering just how effective a great image can be in driving … Continue reading

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7 Simple Keys to Successful Art Blogging

A blog for artists is a great tool for being found online and gaining a larger audience for your work. Blogs are ideal because they can be completely free, search engines love them, they are easy to start and simple … Continue reading

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Secrets to Understanding the NYC Art World: Beware the Vanity Gallery

If you are like most artists who take their career seriously, you are willing to give almost Chelsea Art District in Manhattan anything a try.  And if you are like me, you put a lot of care not only into creating … Continue reading

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Are you a “Real Artist” If You Have A Day Job?

How do you define being a “successful artist”? Many artists definition of success rest solely on being able to support themselves entirely from their artistic endeavors without having to do any other work to make ends meet. However, is this … Continue reading

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Can you do me a favor?

I’d love to find out how my blog is helping you. To be more specific, I want to find out what topics you like to see me write about, so I can do more of that. If you have some … Continue reading

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Gary Bolyer’s Top 5 Kick-Ass Money-Making Art Blogs of All Time

Do you want your art career to totally kick ass? Are you ready to start really making some money with your art? Then you must read these top 5 blogs of mine. Making money is sexy.  Making art is sexy.  … Continue reading

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